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Kwc 2024 Turku Pääkuva (sara)

The 22nd Karaoke World Championships finals will be held in Turku, Finland, between Monday 7th and Saturday 12th of October 2024.

The competition will be held at the incredible event venue Logomo, and there will soon be more detailed information regarding the schedules, accommodation and everything.

Right now you just have to wait for your national KWC competitions to start. You will find all the info on your national pages during the next months.

Singers in countries with no national KWC competition can join the Global Video Challenge which will be in April-May-June 2024.

Avoid boring.
Sing karaoke!

We are excited to welcome Vietnam to Karaoke World Championship. Get ready to hear the music and talent of Vietnam on the global stage!


Posted on: December 13, 2023

Thailand, Poland and Greece joining KWC!

We are happy to announce more countries for this year 2024!

KWC works with an international network of event organizers that we call Country Partners. They are the ones who make all the arrangements for the national KWC competitions and bring the best singers from each country to World Finals.

We are constantly looking for partners in new countries, and today we are happy to announce three new countries that will join KWC in 2024: Thailand, Poland and Greece.

Bangkok Live, a subdivision of Up! Entertainment Group, is our new KWC Thailand partner and will host the national finals starting in 2024. They will play a pivotal role in bringing together the most talented voices from across the country to compete for the opportunity to represent Thailand in the prestigious international competition. Thailand will join KWC for the first time since 2015.

Greece and Poland will both join with local event organizers also starting with their national trials in early 2024. This is the first time in the history of KWC to have a national KWC Greece competition. The country has been represented through the global Video Challenge before.

Poland used to be an elemental part of KWC in the early years of the competition, but hasn't been represented since 2011. We are extremely happy to have these three countries as members of our Global KWC Family, and we hope to be able to announce more soon!

All national competitions and their links will be updated on the Countries page and they will be held between January and August.

Our next World finals, KWC 2024 Turku, will take place in Finland during the second week of October.

Are you an event organizer and interested in becoming the national KWC partner for your country? Don't hesitate to send us an email for more information! kwcasiapacific@gmail.com

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The Karaoke World Championships is the world’s biggest and most prestigious global talent competition and karaoke event. It represents a for passion for music, and for global friendships through singing.